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Hi all,

 I've been reading reviews and am so confused about if I should get the system or not.  I love the idea of having a carseat fit into the carrier, but also want a more lightweight option.  Things I'm looking for are: safety, basket under, cupholder, tray for baby, ease of opening/closing, comfort...I still think I'd want a snap and go as another option, and maybe even another lightweight stroller, as they get older.

 I really like the Chicco keyfit Discovery based on reviews, safety, and looks. I know some people prefer to start with a carseat/snap and go, and wait until they have the baby to see what kind of stroller they'd like.

The only problems I'm reading are that the seat doesn't fit into most shopping carts..Is that a major problem? How do you take an infant shopping? Also, they say you can't always access the basket on the bottom, but I've read that about a few. 

Does anyone love their system, or is a major mistake of new mommies? I understand that they are bulky, but don't know if I can truly understand that until I'm using it on a daily basis. 


Also, do you have an umbrella stroller you'd recommend? I've been looking at the Maclarens, but am very open to your thoughts!!! Thank you! 

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Re: Stroller Advice

  • I had a travel system and loved it.  I have friends that hated theirs.  Everyone is different.  Based on your description of what's important to you, I think the travel system is a good fit for your needs.  The Chicco is a great one.  You really shouldn't put the carseat on top of the shopping cart regardless of the brand.  It's very dangerous and not really secure even when it seems to "fit" up there.  You are better off to either wear the baby while shopping or put the carseat into the main part of the buggy and pile the groceries around it (safely, of course).  The other travel system that you should check out is the Graco Metrolite.  I went with this one over the Chicco simply b/c it was lighter weight.  I love that stroller!  It is still going strong and is my preferred stroller with DS even now.  I'm planning to continue using it with DD occasionally when I don't need my double.  As for suggestions on umbrellas, the Maclarens are great.  But you should also check out the Graco Ipo.  We have this one and it's much cheaper than the Maclarens and reclines flat, which is really nice if LO naps in the stroller.  My only complaint is that I think it has gotten harder to steer over time.  DH thinks I'm crazy though...






  • I would go with the Chicco Keyfit and a snap-n-go and then get a good lightweight stroller. We had the Cortina Travel system and it was great at first but now I prefer my Chicco Liteway stroller over anything. The Liteway reclines flat for when they are sleeping and steers awesome through crowds. Bonus was that it only costs about $125 at BRU.
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  • I would check out the Phil and Ted. It can be used with pretty much every car seat as long as you buy the attachment. The seat also lies flat. The new Explorer can be used with the peanut bassinet.

    It's pretty lightweight. You can access the basket pretty easily. The seat is nice and deep. There is no cup holder, but you can always buy one for cheap at BRU or Amazon. It rolls like a dream.

    It's also great if you plan on having another baby - it turns into a double stroller.

    I've always heard that you shouldn't put the car seat on top of the shopping cart like that but instead wear the baby in a carrier or put the seat in the cart. We don't own a car so I haven't had to deal with that! 

    We have a Quinny Zapp for our 'umbrella' type stroller, and I love it. You can use it with the Maxi Cosi infant seat. It only weighs 13 pounds (although, the new one for next year will weigh 19 pounds, and the seat will recline fully and can face you!). It folds down really small and is excellent for traveling. We love it. 

  • You asked about a travel system and a lightweight stroller.  I was in exactly the same boat.  I opted to do a sturdier lightweight stroller that could accomodate a car seat.  I love the peg strollers for this.  I chose a Si over a Pliko but I would recommend either one.  One stroller from day 1 through toddler years and you are done.  The Si has a  recline and can be used with/without the car seat from day one.  I did both with no problems.


    Good luck!

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