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Forward facing baby carrier?

Could you ladies recommend a similar carrier like the Ergo (other than the Bjorn) where the baby can sit forward facing as well?
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Re: Forward facing baby carrier?

  • I have a Kozy Carrier and it has a forward facing option but it doesn't look that comfy to me.  I only used it with DS facing inwards but I'm hoping to get more use out of it this time.  Here's a link to the different wearing options:






  • i've had a few ladies recommed the pikkolo to me. we never bought one, because dd hates being in a carrier. =[
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  • Beco Gemini

    ETA:  You and LO may prefer the Moby wrap while he's little though.  We love ours and have used it a ton.  I didn't originally recommend this because I wasn't sure if you were limiting yourself to structured carriers.

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  • the only thing my ds will allow us to carry him in is the sleepy (or moby) wrap. he absolutely LOVES it and despises everything else we've tried including the ergo & baby bjorn. it's super easy to wrap once you've practiced a couple times. he's 12 weeks and screams when he's wrapped up and we try to take him out of it. 
  • Try the Belle Baby Carrier.  It is super comfortable because of its ergonomic waistbelt. However, what I like best about it is its simplicity and style.
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