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I know it's early, but what are some ideas for stocking stuffers?

I like to shop early, so give me some inspiration! DD just turned 2. I have some flash cards, and ornament. What else?

Re: I know it's early, but what are some ideas for stocking stuffers?

  • JD is a little older but will be getting Hot Wheels cars in his stocking. They're his latest obsession. He's also getting a juice box holder, a new snack trap and a harmonica (he loves my dad's).
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  • DS will be getting Sesame Street themed stocking stuffers, purely by coincidence. I've been picking things up for months now and they just all happened to by SS.  I've picked up a battery operated toothbrush, some stampers, a few figures, a Count plushie and few little board books.
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  • the kids always get a new toothbrush and a movie in their stockings.  I might also do undies and cars for DS and a small baby doll for DD
  • Every year he'll gets an ornament, some sort of edible treat, socks, and some cash (that goes in the piggy bank for now, but he'll get to spend it when he's older).  This year I'm thinking he'll also get cars and coloring books.
  • New toothbrush, bows, socks. Anything i find in the Target $1 aisle! I don't do candy or anything in her stocking (or ours!)
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  • Last year I filled her stocking for like $5 with toy food & kitchen stuff from the Target $1 aisle. :) 

    This year, I'm thinking -- new underwear, maybe some playdoh, sparkly crayons, DVD or music CD, a book or two. 

    And my parents always used to put an orange in the toe of the stocking.  


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  • DD will be getting hair accessories, toothbrush, a few books I bought from Scholastic, some necklaces and other fun dress up accessories I found in the Target $1 bin. I will probably find her other stuff at Target between now and then :)
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  • Yesterday I picked up a wooden train whistle and one of those little magic baby bottles where it looks like the milk disappears when you tip it.  I'm pretty sure the bottle will be her favorite thing for Christmas since she loves baby dolls and taking care of them. 

    This is a great post because I'm trying to get things bought early and need some more ideas.

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  • plastic farm animals, hot wheels, a new paint brush, toothpaste, tights, maybe a hair bow and a piece or chocolate or two.
  • I've only got flashcards so far too. I'll probably get a toothbrush, some single cans of PlayDoh, and a box of crayons. They also have these really cute Crayola kits that are mini Disney coloring pages (4"x5" or so) and markers that I might get, I just haven't decided if I want markers in the house yet ;)


  • Mine are pretty much along the lines of everyone else:

    • Electric toothbrush
    • Books
    • Elmo DVD
    • Bows

  • So far I've gotten some flash cards, two coloring/activity books, bath crayons, regular crayons, and a personalized Mickey Mouse CD. I'll probably get some stickers and matchbox cars too.

    For the baby (who will be around a month then), I've gotten a rattle, teethers, and a personalized princess CD. I have no idea else what to put in there for a baby!

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