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advice please

Im due at the end of december and im wondering if i will really need a stroller or not.  Could i just use the car seat attached to a shopping cart while im out and if im not using a cart just use a sling?  im tight on money and thought i would just wait until spring/summer and buy a regular stroller.  will baby be big enough to go in a regular stroller by that time?  i don't want to buy just a stroller frame if i dont have to

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  • You do not need a stroller. There are lots of moms who babywear exclusively.  (It's unsafe to put a car seat on top of a shopping cart though, for the record.)

    I would get a wrap like the Moby (about $40 I think?) and use it to carry LO.

    Or, I would get a snap and go frame ($50ish new, or can always be found on Craigslist or second hand stores for super cheap). This is a lightweight metal frame with wheels and a small basket that you snap your infant seat in to, so it functions like a stroller. Example here.

    By the way, have you considered second hand? Resale children's stores are gold mines for awesome deals. Most infant items are only used for a short period of time and you can find great prices on them at places like that. 

  • I think you could definitely get by without a stroller.  The Moby is great for newborns and my DS and I love it.  Also, you can use your infant car seat with a lot of different strollers, not just the stroller frame aka Snap n Go. 

    I agree with PPs about the car seat/shopping cart thing.  If I take the car seat in the store I put it in the basket of the shopping cart, not on top.

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  • Check Craigslist for a used snap n go or stroller.  I bought a used snap n go for $30 and it's in great condition.  You could also wear the baby, but the convenience of being able to leave a sleeping baby in the infant seat is really nice.  But I agree with the pp- it's really not safe to put the carseat on top of the shopping cart.  If you have to go that route- put it in the main section of the cart. 






  • Our baby is due in december and we didn't buy one of the travel systems or a regular stroller yet. We've got the snap n go (only because DH insisted we have something to roll him in), but I plan on wearing the baby if we are out and about like shopping or taking walks and such.  I have a baby carrier (beco butterfly), but am toying with the idea of using a moby especially since it'll be chilly and we'll keep each other warm.  we plan to start traveling once the baby is about 6 months old so we'll probably buy an umbrella or lightweight stroller then.
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