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To all moms having baby #2!!!!

This thought just popped in my head, so I thought I'd ask! For all you moms having your 2nd (or 3rd, ..whatever) baby - what would you advise us moms about to enter that club DO before baby #2 arrives? Obviously more special one-on-one time with our only-child for the moment... but anything specific?

Re: To all moms having baby #2!!!!

  • We have a pretty good routine going with DD.  Dinner, bath, story, bedtime.  So we are planning on continuing this with her after baby is born so that she gets her 'special time with Mom and Dad'.  DH and I tag team these responsibilities.  We alternate days and activities, but most days he gives her a shower, then I get her dressed and read, then we both come in and say good night and get hugs and kisses.

    After #2 is born, we will, obviously, do our best to do things that she loves. There is no reason she can't have fun with her little brother or sister around. Riding bikes and playing with her rocket with Daddy.  Blowing bubbles and coloring with Mommy.  It really is the little things that you do with them that make them feel loved.

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  • Go on a vacation, w/out LO.  Go on dates with DH. 

    I have yet to have even 1 night w/out DDs.  It's tougher with 2 LOs to get volunteers.

    ETA: Have a girlfriend's weekend, or days and leave LO with DH. 

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  • We're taking a vacation!!  LOL.  No, really--we figure, it'll be a lot easier to travel w/ just DD, give her something fun to do right before Baby comes, and give us a change of scenery.  The likelihood of us traveling for a year or so after Baby comes is pretty much zero, so we're going to take advantage of an older toddler and an inside baby and have some fun! 
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  • We are going to do a family picture this fall/Christmas.  I would like DD to have some one on one pics with Mommy and Daddy.

    We are also preparing her big girl room.  I hope this will help the transition out of the crib.

    I also want to finish DD photobooks up to her 2nd birthday.

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