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Pictures today were a no go

We went to Picture People as we have always gone in the past and she literally screamed the whole time we were there. We tried just about everything to make her comfortable and all she would do is screamed and hide in my jacket. We ended up leaving at the 1/2 mark and said thanks for your time with not a single picture taken. I was so upset because we had a great deal and gift card to use.

Plus, I just started a new job for a photographer so all I was trying to do was use the gift card. I guess on the good side, I can ask my boss to take her pictures at the park or our house now.

Re: Pictures today were a no go

  • Ugh. That's never fun.

    Every experience we have had at Picture People has been similarly horrible. The boys were in bad moods and the photographer couldn't get them to stay in one spot and smile (nor could I).

    Hope you get a better shoot soon!

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