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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Has this happened to any of you?

Timeline: LMP:8/14/10  BFP: 9/12/10  Brown spotting: 9/24/10  Brown spotting: 10/27/10  Ultrasound stating i was 5wk 6days: 10/27/10  Closed cervix: 10/27/10

The doctor said this could be a missed miscarriage and i may need a D&C


That i could have conceved again on 9/30/10 and that this is a whole new (threated) pregnancy.

Has anyone heard of this or has it happed to you.

Stuck in limbo until ultrasound on 11/3/10 :( 

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Re: Has this happened to any of you?

  • That's really hard, I'm sorry. It seems weird that all you would have had with a miscarriage was brown spotting the first time, but stranger things have happened. Hope you won't have to officially join this board, but if you do, we're all here for you. Good luck.

    p.s. I became a google addict when I was in that  limbo phase, there are hopeful stories out there.

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  • The only thing you can do is wait for the ultrasound, which I hope you don't have to join this board.

    Also, your not going to get any positive stories on this board, we have all lost our children.

    I'm also from NH.

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  • That exactly what happened to me, but my dr checked hcg levels around my US, and they went down, my LMP was 8/4/10, BFP 9/8/10, and brown spotting 10/22/10. US 10/26/10 showed 6 wks2days. All I had for about 45 days was brown spotting. They suggested that my timeline was off, but with the decrease in my levels decided it is a missed mc. Best of luck to you, I hope your US goes well. keep us posted.
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  • My timeline is fairly similar to yours--LMP 8/26, O'd 9/9, BFP 9/24, brown spotting 10/16-10/21, Physical exam on 10/21 that showed a closed cervix, U/S 10/22 that said I was 5w5d-6w1d.  However, on 10/22 I started having red bleeding and HEAVY cramping, and passed grey tissue with heavy bleeding and cramping on 10/23.  So from my experience, at the same fetal age, brown spotting wasn't all there was, unfortunately.  I have to say, it seems unlikely that this is a whole new pregnancy if all you had was spotting initially.  I hope you get good results on Wednesday and your dates were maybe just off?

    I hate that you're in limbo :(  Good luck!

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