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Experience of Child birth At Virginia Hospital Center


Iam going to OBGYN at women corp in Mclean. The Dr's are excellent. Iam due on 25th dec. I'll be delivering my baby at Virginia Hospital Center. I would like to know the experience of the child birth there. Iam really scared as my due date is coming near.


Re: Experience of Child birth At Virginia Hospital Center

  • i delivered both of my girls there and loved it.  what books have you read about childbirth?  if you are scared, arm yourself with knowledge.  the thinking woman's guide to a better birth is the gold standard, IMO.  
  • I had a good, but not great, experience at Virginia Hospital Center.  I will say though, that one thing that really colored my experience was the fact that I found out when I arrived that my doctors do not deliver on weekends.  The on-call doctor for the several practices that share with my doctors did.  The doctor turned out to be great, but I had never met her before.  Since you're due right around the holidays, I would ask your doctors how they handle deliveries when they're not on-call, particularly if they are a smaller practice. 

    Also, please be sure to advocate for yourself.  I had one very good L&D nurse, and one that was basically absent.  Thankfully the very good one was the one with me when I actually delivered.  I was really uncomfortable for the first 12 hours but i was afraid to move and the L&D nurse almost never answered the call button (sometimes someone else came in).  In retrospect, I should have been more persistent. 

    The recovery nurses are hit or miss - I had heard this before I went in.  Thankfully, again, I had the best nurse when I needed one the most - in the first 12 hours.  She was really good at advocating for me when I wasn't in any position to advocate for myself.   She suggested Percocet when I wasn't getting any relief from the other pain meds.  I only had to take 1, but it made a world of difference.  And generally, my recovery experience was really good.  So many of the people, not just nurses, were so nice to us. I really liked the on-call pediatrician, so if your pediatrician doesn't visit the hospital (mine doesn't), I wouldn't be worried about that. 

    One last thing - if you plan to nurse, be sure to take a nursing bra or tank with you.  I had planned to buy them at the hospital, because most hospitals sell them, but VHC does not.  Thankfully I bought a nursing tank at the last minute from target that I brought with me.


  • I was induced, but it was over 24 hrs. from when I stepped into the hospital to when I had a baby in my arms. 

    I had a really great experience at VHC.  Maybe I lucked out but all my nurses were super...and my anesthesiologist was amazing during my emergency c-section (basically, he calmed/comforted me when my husband just couldn't do it).

    I really liked that they have a "room service" menu that you and your birthing partner can order from.  It was great to be able to choose what I wanted to eat and for my husband to be able to order too (for "free".  I suppose insurance covered it) instead of leaving to get something.

    I brought a nursing bra with me, but honestly, I didn't really use it.  Maybe it was b/c I had a c/s but BF'ing was awkward enough as it was & I just went braless for my stay.

    Good luck!

  • I was considering an OB that delivers there, but decided against choosing that hospital since I heard that there are TONS of residents (it's a teaching hospital) so there are people you don't know either watching or worse, participating, in your medical care. Just talk to your OB and straight out ask if it is possible that a resident would deliver you......... I wasn't comfortable with that possibility!
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