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WWYD/Pep talk needed

Yesterday afternoon we had our babysitter watch G., and we went to finally take Libby home. He was cranky all day, but I thought it was because he didn't go to bed until 1 the other night. He didn't have a temp, or any other signs of sickness.

Here's Libby before she was placed in the car seat (who knew car seats were so EVIL?! She cried the *entire* time she was in it):


And with me, because I took her out and held her for 45 minutes, because I couldn't take her crying (sheepish grin). This picture makes me laugh, because she looks like she's thinking "Oh thank God. Don't put me back in there.":


Then DH and I started realizing we were "leaving" Charlotte behind, so we of course had to spend some time loving her, and telling her that sister was going home (No oxygen!!):



We finally left 5 hours later.

When we came home, our babysitter said that G. was still very cranky, and had just wanted to lay on the couch all day. DH said I was overreacting, but I made DH drive around until I had sanitized the whole house, and quarintined G. in our bedroom. DH wasn't too happy that I wouldn't let G. see/touch Libby, and that I wouldn't let DH go in and be with G., and I wouldn't be with Libby because I needed to take care of G., but when G. started throwing up at 3 am, I think he was happy I had "overreacted".

Right now G. and I are watching Bob the Builder and we plan to until G. is 100% better, and than one more day after that. DH's taking care of Libby, and has quarintined themselves in the upper level. I don't know if I'm going stir crazy or freaking out because my baby finally comes home, and I can't see her...but I'm questioning my judgement.

Did I do the right thing? What would you have done? We don't have family in town or very close friends, so bringing Libby to someone else's house or vice versa is  not an option (not to mention the germs that might be at that person's house).



Re: WWYD/Pep talk needed

  • you did the right thing - keep them apart while G is sick.  Is he in daycare? if so - when he comes home, wash his hands and change his clothes every day - our doc told us to do this- after Gray was admitted for 4 nights b/c of meningitis (thankfully, viral) when he was 3mo old.

    last year, this same week, Griffin got the stomach bug and was throwing up all day - and i had the twins home with me... i didn't want to ask anyone for help- and expose them to the bug... so just kept the twins on the other couch (in their bouncy seats) and Griffin on a separate couch... and kept a fresh burp cloth on me any time i had to pick them up... washed my hands 1000x's that day, etc.... thankfully the babies never caught it.

    good luck.. it's not easy - esp with NICU babies, I'd be uber paranoid, too - and be extra careful like you are.


  • You've got GREAT mommy instincts!  I know it's hard not to see/hold LIbby after just bringing her home, but I bet G will be better w/in a couple days.  Having you comfort him right now probably means alot to him.  Libby will be fine with Daddy even if it makes you a little nuts ;)  Hang in there!!
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  • I agree with their posts.  I think you are smart keeping them apart right now.  No one wants to have a preemie sick ....you want to keep them home and healthy. 

    (((hugs)))  Hope your LO feels better soon!

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  • image Leigh71:

    I agree with their posts.  I think you are smart keeping them apart right now.  No one wants to have a preemie sick ....you want to keep them home and healthy. 

    (((hugs)))  Hope your LO feels better soon!

    Agreed. Hope G is better soon and the rest of you don't catch it!

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  • ITA with PPs, you're mommy instinct was right on target! I would definitely keep them apart. A sick preemie is not a good thing for anyone! So sorry that G. is sick and that you don't get to be with your little girl right away, but so happy for you that she's home and hope your other LO comes home soon too!
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