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Nursery progress! PIP

We made some serious progress this past week...I posted this on Feb 2011 too, but I thought I would share here as well.


 I had originally ordered a more expensive Bananafish bedding set and HATED it. Ended up loving this set from Target that is easy to coordinate with. Still waiting for the bedskirt to come in. I may end up doing two panels instead of one (shown) on each side of the window. I was going to make a mobile, but now I'm thinking it may be too much with all the butterflies. Do you think I need to do more with the name letters? We're still looking for a rug too.


 Closeup of the bedding...


 We're going to add a small white shelf to the wall next to the window. Do you think white would be good? I also need to move the internet connection that's behind the white table...UGH. I decided to leave the convertable couch that was in the office. I tought it would give me a place to sleep if I didn't want to leave her without her having to sleep in our room and I can change her there (on a mat) instead of the floor. Hubby and I find ourselves sitting in here together all the time :) Not sure what else is going to happen with the wall behing the couch, it's a little boring. I also need curtains for the other window...


 Need an oval mirror to go behind the dresser. What kind of finish do you think would look good? Also still need a closet door and daddy is working on finishing the toy chest that will go under the window.


Thanks for looking and any for any advice!

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Re: Nursery progress! PIP

  • Eeeek! You have the same bedding as we do!

    We have not put it on the bed yet though, so I like seeing it in your crib and see more of what it looks like. You also have the same crib! We chose the changing table rather than the dresser thgough (I wondered how it would look with the bedding, it looks GREAT in your pics) We opted to tie the pink and purple in the bedding into the paint on the walls. I posted my pics a few posts down.

    Your room looks AMAZING! It is cool to see someone elses interpretation of the same theme.

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  • very cute love the purple.. love the name violet that my bff's daughters name!

    small world.. I used to live in Grand Junction! :0)

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  • Everything looks great so far! Curtains will help dress up the room. I think a mirror with a chrome/silver (but not bright silver, more muted) would look good. And one think I love for walls is the sticker decals. I have looked at tons and you could do tree branches or more butterflies...just an idea.
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  • very nice!

    we are going to go with purple walls with green accents.

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  • Where did you get the white side table, its adorable!
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