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Anyone else a little crampish lately?

Yesterday my tummy was crampish, first it reminded me of my cramps before I had AF, but then I realized wait it isn't that!  Plus it feels a little different!!

Re: Anyone else a little crampish lately?

  • Yes. Mine have been off and on for a few weeks now. I went for my u/s on Thursday and everything looked great. My ob said they were normal.
  • Yeah, I had some thing morning.  I haven't really had any up til now.  They passed.
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  • I have them a lot.  Some are just growing pains, some are abdominal discomfort from constipation.  I also get fibroid stabbing cramps, but those feel completely different.

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  • I'm having like stabby, crampy pains in my lower abdomen. Not sure if they are normal, but I don't have any spotting so I'm trying not to worry. It just started a few days ago.
  • Pook, I'm pretty sure that is normal. Just your ute stretching out. I have been having what I think is round ligament pain. Some stabbing pain and when I stretch or roll over in bed it feels like a sore muscle.
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  • Yeah I have had cramps ever since I found out. The doc said that its normal stretching growing pains. I feel just like menstrual cramps except a little lighter. Also, they say if you are really aware of your body you will feel more.
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