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Anyone use haymarket pediatrics and like or dislike the practice?

Re: Haymarket Pediatrics

  • no but we are in bristow too and use dr allen at crestwood peds, they have an office in manassas and haymarket..


    i dont know anyone who uses haymarket...good luck:-) 

  • we use Haymarket and love them.  We prefer Dr Bauer over the other 2 doctors.  We were actually just there this morning with DD.  You can always reach a doctor and they usually call you back within 15 minutes.  There is rarely anyone in the waiting room and you don't wait that long in the rooms either.  One time we were waiting for a long time in the room...the nurse finally came and apologized profusely because she had left our file on the counter in the back room instead of putting it for the doctor.  We got lots of Tylenol and formula at that visit because they felt terrible. 
  • Good to know - I will make a consultation appointment to check them out further. I like that the waiting room is usually near empty - always a plus for baby wellness check-ups!
  • Thx! I will add them to our list if we aren't sure on Haymarket.

  • oh and I forgot to add that they have a seperate entrance for well checkups and sick visits
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