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? for those of you with a Chicco Keyfit 30

We had our new Chicco Keyfit 30 installed yesterday at the fire dept. They used the latch system and the base is really secure but when we put the seat in the base the seat is loose. Is this normal, I mean its not like I can pull it out but I can wiggle the seat around inside the base but the base is still stable. We purchased it at BRU and I can take it back but we live about 2 hours away and I don't want to deal with the hassel if the next one will be the same way. TIA!
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Re: ? for those of you with a Chicco Keyfit 30

  • My H set ours up with the latch system which we had checked at the police dept.  He said it snaps into the base and does have some wiggle room.  It shouldn't move significantly, but does move a little. 

    The police officer said the latch system was the best.  So far, we love the Keyfit and it was easy to install.  Good luck!

  • Ok thanks for your help!
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  • Was the seat stable in the base before you installed it?  The only place you check for movement is only at the belt path.  The back of the base (or seat) will move up and down thats fine.  If you not comfy with it I would call the tech back and ask them to recheck it with you or to check out the seat in the base if they did not do so. 

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