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Does anyone have any experience they would like to share about the moby wrap?  What are the pros and cons?  Have you had luck breastfeeding in it?  I have a baby bjorn type carrier and like it ok when I'm out but I am wanting something more comfortable to wear at home since my 1 month old wants to be held all day. TIA for your advice!



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  • The Moby is great for carrying your baby close to your chest all day long.  It is way more comofortable for mom and baby than the Baby Bjorn.  It is possible to nurse in it if you can get your LO positioned correctly.  They are really inexpensive too which is another plus! 

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  • I love my Moby! I've breastfed DD in it only once, mainly just because I felt like she was getting too warm. It's awesome because there are lots of different ways to wrap if LO doesn't like being held a certain way. I get so much more done around the house than I did before I started using it regularly, just because DD will seriously take hours-long naps in it and meanwhile I'm able to have my hands for housework, writing, etc.
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  • Love it.  We used it for NB phase, then she preferred the Ergo until 4 mo old, now she prefers the Moby again b/c she can face out in it.  I have BF in it around the house, but it's not very comfy for me to do it so I usually just don't.  I love it for errands, doing housework, walks, etc.

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