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ivf in panama?

Anyone go this route? It is a medical vacation only around 5,000 a cycle. you spend 6 days in CR and the rest in panama for the ivf.( around 18 days total time) we met a man in CR whose wife went to this clinic and had triplets. the MD trained in Houston. they arrange international patients and you pick the dates. We are trying iui first in the states but can not afford ivf here. I am almost 37 and time is ticking.

Re: ivf in panama?

  • I believe there are a couple of ladies on the IF board that did should cross post :)

    GL with your IUI's!!

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  • There was a woman on this site who also had a blog who did this.  It is certainly worth considering.  Best of luck to you.
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  • 2 girls from SAIF did this, Davez and Christakim, page them! Christakim is pregnant with twins

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  • I considered this but have decided against it. I spoke with a woman from some board on the Bump (don't remember which one yet) who had a nightmare experience. She has a blog and she says DONT DO IT. She was there with 3 other couples and of the 4, only 1 got pregnant and that one was quite young and had minimal problems to begin with. Also they said they had a hard time getting questions answered, there were language barriers, bedside manner was lacking, etc.

    Also, IVF is illegal in Costa Rica. So this guy gets around it by doing all the initital stuff in Costa Rica and then does teh actual IVF in Panama. I have huge questions/concerns about people who are willing to break or bend the law. You have to question (and what do I know but it raises concerns) how much recourse you would have if anything went wrong. If its illegal in CR then I would assume its not regulated so what standards does he use?

    I would consider going directly to Panama to a licensed clinic that is monitored. There are also a couple of IVF clinics tied to major hospitals in Mexico that are regualted and I would consider that. Cost is comparable to Panama although I think the destination is less appealing.

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  • I followed you for so long charBart I still get so excited when I see your ticker, hope all is going great for you.
  • Not much help but would be curious to know, thanks for asking and keep us posted.
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