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Jogging Stroller and Travel System

My husband and I (sorry I don't understand the abbreviations on here :( ) have registered at Babies-r-us and found the only jogging stroller that is a full travel system.  We tried everything out in the store, found out about the warranty and everything; however, when I went online and read the reviews it only had about a 56% approval rating.  I'm kind of worried about some of the reviews, but other people love it.

That is the link to the one that we picked, and that I actually loved....but I obviously have not used it for its purpose yet.  Do yall have any other suggestions on a jogging stroller and travel system together, or opinions on this one??

 This is our first child and I am trying to do all the research I can, but sometimes it just helps hearing from other people going though the same thing I am.... Thank you 

Re: Jogging Stroller and Travel System

  • I've never seen a travel system that was a proper jogging stroller.  Most of my friends told me to avoid the travel systems, that they were giant and heavy and they all ended up hating them.

    I'm getting a Baby Jogger stroller with a car seat attachment and a Graco Snugride carseat. 

    I'd suggest looking for a separate carseat and stroller.  And either use a carseat attachment or a snap and go stoller in the beginning.  You can't jog with a baby for at least 6 mths anyway, so either option would be fine for those first few months.  Most car seat attachments are about the same price as a snap and go so it's really just a lifestyle choice.

    Hope that helps.

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  • We got a BOB revolution jogging stroller along with an infant car seat adapter to fit our Peg Perego Car seat. ?It looks just like a travel system but will fit our needs WAY more.
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  • I'd definitely go for a separate car seat and jogging stroller- ones that have great reviews (like BOB).  I'd look at reviews on car seats that you are interested in and do the same with strollers and then find out which ones are compatible.  I have a Phil and Teds sport that I LOVE (but it's not a true jogger) and the Graco snug ride 22 (which I also love)
  • This is the same one my husband and I are looking at getting only it is the LX version not ELX.  My parents have a cottage and I would like a stroller/travel system that would be good for a dirt road.  I heard the joggers are the best for this.  I am shopping on Babies R Us Canada and the reviews are much better.  The two complaints are the size (too big to fit into a small car trunk) and that the front wheel seems loose.  However overall, it got a 4 out of 5 rating.  I figure if I don't like it, I'll return it.  :) 
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  • I think it depends on what you will be using the stroller for.  If you are actually going to be jogging or running with it at some point, I would go with the BOB and get the car seat adapter.  If you are just looking for a stroller that maneuvers well and can handle rougher terrain, the one you are looking at might be fine. 

    Just FYI, re the BOB: the current model is not compatible with Chicco car seats.  The 2011 model will be, though.  If you are interested in the BOB and have or want a different model car seat, I've seen huge sales on BOB strollers lately as they're trying to deplete the inventory of "old models".  

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  • I agree with the pp's. Don't get the travel system. I didn't get a baby trend because other moms were telling me they don't hold up well.  I asked around the boards before purchasing. I'd suggest getting a Graco infant seat and a snap n go stroller or a jogging stroller that can accommodate your infant seat. I ended up going with a Baby Jogger brand jogging stroller and I love it. I never used it with the infant seat but I'm wishing I had bought it in the first place (and not also purchased an umbrella stroller). The BOB's are also great jogging strollers.
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  • Thank yall!  I will definitely be doing more research on all of the recommendations that were given.  I really did want a legit jogging stroller to have, because I plan on running after the six months with the baby.  It just makes it easier on my husband and on me, planning my workouts when I can take the baby along.
  • We have the Jeep Liberty Limited (not Liberty Sport) and while it doesn't advertise that it's compatible with an infant seat, it actually is - and doesn't require an adaptor. 

    I don't know if the other Jeep ones do since I don't have them, but I do love the one we have! ;-)

    Good luck with your decision!

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