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declining party invitations, gatherings, etc when alone

When hubby is working, can't make it to go with you do you still go or say no? Especially at this age with the LO's more mobile.  Between the chasing after, the feedings bottles and food sometimes it gets too hard when you go solo? Anyone feel the same? Or do you just know its hard but still go?

Re: declining party invitations, gatherings, etc when alone

  • I usually give a tentative reply. If the babies are doing well, it is a kid-friendly environment and I want to get out of the house, I go. But the stars have to align just right. I do turn down lots of invites bc it is just hard.

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  • I usually try to get my mom, dad, sister, or a friend to come with me- or i say NO!
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  • I go- I haven't turned down anything yet.  I figure there will always be someone willing to help if I need it and my thinking is the more we do those things the better behaved they will be.
  • I still go, unless the kids are just being absolutely horrible that day.  My husband is gone for a year, so I would be one bored and lonely person if I didn't go out to events with the kids by myself.  I went to a lot of things by myself when they were under 1 as well.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.  I promise.  :)

    The great thing about parties and events with friends is that usually someone will offer to help out if they see you struggling with trying to feed them or keep up with them.  You're not *really* on your own.

  • Totally depends on what it is and how badly I want to go. ;)
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  • I declined some at the beginning just cause they were so little and I was nervous about all the germs :)  But now we go, no matter if DH is there.  I just don't let a bunch of people hold them or get in their faces.  Even at their Christening I didn't let anyone but godparents and grandparents hold them...they were only 7 weeks.  Just cause I have's not going to stop me from doing stuff!  We get out almost everyday!  I would go crazy if I didn't.  Also usually at these events there is someone to help.

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  • for me it all depends on the situation - where we are going, etc... since i have 3 to chase around- it's not so easy on my own- but sometimes the logistics are OK for that and I still go on my own - or I have my sister/niece/mom watch the twins and I just take Griffin alone :)

    but that's RARE - on weekends DH is always around - so it's not often that i have to figure out parties on my own --- mostly it's just play dates and other stuff I do on the days I don't work with them that i have to plan out logistically for myself only.

  • As long as the day is going well I take them.  Honestly the more you do it on your own the easier it becomes.  When DH is home in the mornings our routine is thrown off and it makes the day harder!

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  • Honestly, you all may think I am a huge wuss, but I NEVER take the trio anywhere unless DH is there to help. Back when they were tiny I had to do a couple Doctor appts. all by myself and I managed just fine, but since they started crawling, walking, three different directions, not a chance in he|| LOL.
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  • At age one, I sucked it up and went. You don't know what you can do until you do it.
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  •  If it's something I really want to go to, and can either keep them in a stroller or know that there will be extra hands to help out, then I give a tentative yes and as long as they have napped well and are in good moods, then we go.  But I try not to put too much pressure on myself that everything has to go perfectly, I just try to be prepared.

    But if it's something where it's the middle of the day and I'm going to be facing a meltdown while chasing after two of them...I'm not always up for it.  I think my friends fully understand if I skip out on things now and then.

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  • i go everywhere by myself. DH works weird hours/days so if he is around for parties it is odd. i always bring my stroller into the house so i have somewhere to strap them down to feed them. and i mostly stand and hover over them to make sure they arent getting into anything they shouldnt. but if i didnt go anywhere without DH i would never go anywhere. we go to parties, the park, library time, the store, etc.?
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