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Wooden Glider or Cushy Rocker Recliner?

Has anyone tried both types of rockers? I'm torn b/c the rocker/recliner types look so much more comfy, but cost 2 times as much....


My folks offered to buy us a rocking chair but I hate to ask them to spend $400! 


What have you chosen? Can the padded wooden gliders be just as comfy?



Re: Wooden Glider or Cushy Rocker Recliner?

  • No question....the cushy rocker recliner.  My first glider that I purchased was soft and cushy but didn't recline; I sat in it for about fifteen minutes before I decided I needed to sell it and buy one that reclines.

    Go on Craigslist and you can get a gently used Dutailier or other high end glider for much cheaper (my top of the line one was $175).  Or you can check out Walmart and Target for other less expensive options.

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  • Are you thinking for BF or for rocking baby to sleep in?

    i think for rocking baby to sleep, then the reclining one could be nice. But for BF, not necessary. 

    Having said that, I have neither. I BF either in the lounge or in our bed.

    I have a chair next to LOs cot, which I've done my fair share of sitting in to resettle LO. But it's just a comfy chair, I sit in and pat LOs back while she drifts to sleep. 

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  • We're going with a cushy, fully-upholstered rocker-recliner, because we want to be able to use it as a regular piece of furniture once we convert LO's crib into a full-size bed & no longer have room for it in his room.  The traditional gliders, even the full-size ones, are obviously gliders, and won't work well with the rest of our furniture.  For about the same price, we figured something that we'd use for years & repurpose made more sense.
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  • I think both are comfortable but I just don't like the looks of the wooden ones. 

    I got a Doral upholstered glider/rocker from WalMart, it was $250.

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  • I'm going to go look at this one at Bellini at some point (haven't started shopping for furniture yet).  Wouldn't do that same patterned fabric in the pic, just something plain probably.  I like that it reclines all the way back so I could conceivably fall asleep in it if I want to sleep in the nursery if LO is sick or something.  Plus it just looks like a chair, so I could use it in another room if I wanted to at some point.
  • imageRileyGrace:

    I think both are comfortable but I just don't like the looks of the wooden ones. 

    I got a Doral upholstered glider/rocker from WalMart, it was $250.

     How do you like it so far? I've been looking at it but was wondering if it's comfy.

  • We got a wooden Shermag glider from BRU for under 300 (we used a coupon.). It was the only one we found that was comfortable for both me AND DH and it also reclines. DH is 6'4" and around 265 pounds, so he's a big guy, and it's high enough in the back to support his shoulders. Most of them weren't high enough or wide enough. It has nice firm support, but isn't hard and is easy to get in and out of.


    I really loved the look of the fully upholstered ones, but most of them weren't as comfortable. We wanted a nice high back to lean our heads against and most of them didn't seem to come up high enough. Or if they did, they were outrageously expensive.


    I don't mind the look of the wooden glider so would be ok with it in our living room, or we'll just put it on Craigslist when we're done. 


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