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DaVinci Kalani or Graco Lauren?

I'm trying to decide on these two cribs...I see reviews for each that say they both scratch. Nonetheless..I still think I will go with one of these. Anyone have an opinion or preference if you have shopped them both?

Re: DaVinci Kalani or Graco Lauren?

  • Pretty much all cribs can scratch, especially if you're leaning over a million times with a belt buckle or buttons rubbing on the edge.  I just got a teething guard right away so we wouldn't be scratching up the crib and then it'll already be on there when baby starts eating the edges.

    I have the Lauren and really like it, but I think both are nice. 

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  • i have the kalani and i love it, haven't used it with a baby yet but it's put together and it looks great.
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  • I liked them both as well; we ended up choosing the Graco simply because it was over $100 less.  I do prefer the look of Kalani but it wasn't worth the extra cost to us.  Good luck!
  • I have the kalani and it looks great and seems well made.  Not sure about scratching since we're not using it yet.  I would recommend. My brother has it in white and after a year it still looks new.  
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  • I have a Davinci Emily, and love it! I can't wait to put it together!
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  • I have a Graco Sarah and it has not scratched. It got great reviews in Baby Bargains and thus far, I am very pleased with it. I assume the Lauren is the same.
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  • I have the Graco Victoria for DD and just put together the Graco Charleston for this baby.  I've been impressed with how well they are made (they're made by LaJobi which also makes some of the really high end cribs).  We've interstate moved 3 times since getting the Victoria and it hasn't scratched at all. 
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  • We have both. DS has the Kalani and we bought the Graco for DD. They're both beautiful and solid. The Kalani still looks brand new after 2 years, and has very minor scratching.....but I'm sure any crib would be scratched after 2 years of use. Anyway, I love them both, but if I were you I'd go with the Graco since it's much cheaper!
  • I have looked at both of these cribs, too, and if I were to get one of them it would definitely be the DaVinci. I'm a big advocate of non-toxic finishes and solid wood construction, and from what I can tell DaVinci does a much better job than Graco in that arena. If it's not important to you, then go with the cheaper one.
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