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RP for Zista: Secret Bumpie instrux

Ho ho ho!

Here is how Secret Bumpie will work this year. Fill out the following questionnaire for either yourself or your child (if you have multiple kids, you can send it in for each one you want participating, and expect, in turn, to receive an equal number of assignments) and send it to the e-mail address below. Rest assured that no one will be seeing your personal information except me and the person getting your assignment, and trust me, I have better things to do than stalk people.

After getting some wise Bumpie input, I decided to not go with Elfster this year because there were issues with people getting the same person from '08 in '09, and this will make it a lot easier -- plus there is no sign-ups required.

Please send the following answers to [email protected] no later than NOVEMBER 10. Assignments will be randomly selected and sent within 24 hours. Please include your board name in the subject line and your last name somewhere in the e-mail.

I hope we will get a lot of participation this year, and this gift exchange is open to both Bumpies with and without children. There is no price limit, so use your own discretion. I think most people were in the $10-$20 range last year, but YMMV.

Thanks, and have fun!
Jaxy Claus

1. Who is this gift for? (Yourself or your child, with age at Christmas)
2. What is the address to send this gift to?
3. What are three things you/your child adores?
4. What are three things you/your child can't stand?
5. Something you/your child really wants this year?
6. Something you/your child would not be thrilled to get?
7. Do you have an objection to edible gifts?
8. If this is for a child, what size do you expect them to be around Christmas?
9. Any special needs, allergies, religious preferences, etc.?
10. Anything else Jaxy Claus needs to know?
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Re: RP for Zista: Secret Bumpie instrux

  • Thank you! At first I was lime,"aw, crap, I can't see this one either," until I read Lynchie's post. Sorry for accidentally blocking you!!!

    I'm going to make an AWESOME big brother.

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