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Diaper Rash Cure??

I am visiting my niece this weekend and she has the worst diaper rash. My SIL is using Butt Paste religiously, but poor Addy is just miserable. She keeps grabbing herself because it hurts. My SIL thinks the rash is because she switched diapers, then switched back again because normally Addy never has diaper rash. Any suggestions that work besides Butt Paste? Thanks!

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  • I swear by California Baby...you can buy it at Target in the baby section (bath stuff area). They make a diaper rash wash spray and then also a diaper rash cream.
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  • Desitin always worked for us.

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  • Bailey got bad diaper rashes when on antibotics for all his ear infections. Our pedi told us to do aquaphora then on top of that destin. It worked every time. If that doesn't work she might have a yeast infection diaper rash which you can use lotrimin for that.
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  • the blue Desitin is what i swear by!!!
  • desitin and cornstarch.
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  • If it's yeast related- do a layer of Lotrimin then a layer of A&D ointment

    If it's from diarrhea- do a layer of Maalox (cherry not mint), pat dry and then a layer of A&D ointment

    If you're not sure or it's both- alternate.

    Should see improvement in 24 or less.






  • If she is trying to grab and dig it that may be yeast.  Be careful and wash her hands right away if she touches it.  A good friend of mine just had her little one spread yeast all over her body including her face b/c she didn't know it was contagious or that she even had yeast.  I would treat it with lotrimin and if you don't see improvement with that then I would contact the pedi. 

    FYI CHOA PICU (and probably the rest of the hospital) uses the Desitin (blue one).  My BFF is a nurse there and that is what she recommended.  



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  • A friend that was a NICU nurse gave me a miracle mixture that has worked for us: equal parts desitin, hydrocortisone and cornstarch. Mix them up and use the paste.
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  • Thank you SO much ladies!!
  • When Harlie was at Scottish Rite for a few nights they gave us a tube of calmoseptine and it worked great.  They sell it at pharamcies behind the counter but you don't need a prescription.
  • Can't believe this one hasn't been named yet, Triple Paste!!!
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