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Anyone else's LO turn on the charm...

...when you are trying to get them to take a nap? DD is such a little stinker! Whenever I start to rock her to sleep, she pits her paci out and starts smiling at me. If I put her in the swing for a nap, she whines so I will come over there and give her tha paci, and then when I do she give me the biggest smile and keeps doing it over and over. However, if I give in, within a few minutes she will start fussing again. So, I have to try to resist. She is doing it to me as I type!

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Re: Anyone else's LO turn on the charm...

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    haha, yep.  I always tell her that I'm not falling for her baby tricks again... 
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    Yep, Lucas does that too, especially at night. I try so hard not to laugh and tell him, "its NOT gooftime my man! night night!" 
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    My LO does the same thing! How 5 months she has become a professional charmer. I usually get her really tired and she starts whining when she gets tired and I put her in her crib. Then she decides she wants to play a bit but I don't let her see me and eventually she falls asleep. I do put the pacifier back in her mouth when it comes out because she looks for it but has not yet mastered putting it back in her mouth. good luck!
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