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stupid car seat

I took the cover off the car seat to wash it, and now I can't get it back together. I supposedly need a belt threading tool, which I have no idea where I might have put. It came apart easily! I feel trapped at home since it's not put together even though I didn't even have plans to go anywhere.It's a baby trend seat. I can't feed the straps through the back of the seat.

I suppose this is part whine/ part question if anybody has any experience with this.


Re: stupid car seat

  • When I took our seat apart I called the company and they e mailed me directions on how to put it back together.  We have Chicco seat but maybe Baby Trend can help you out.
  • I used a butter knife.
  • Thanks. The butter knife worked and I had to adjust the strap level to the top most setting so the holes lined up.
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