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Opening the bar

Pull up a bar stool and enjoy a fertilita!  I have made some raspberry, regular & dirty pitchers!

DH & I are going to a movie & dinner tonight Woot!

$ question:  2 part question today...  What type of candy are you giving out at Halloween this year and what was the most memorable candy you ever received?

$$  We are giving out Tootsie Rolls & I remember when people used to give out regular sized bars of candy... (Those were the days!!)

Baby dust to all!!!

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Re: Opening the bar

  • I need a quadruple fertilita please!  My temps are dropping, and I got a BFN yesterday so it looks like we did not bring home an extra souvenir from Italy =(  However, since it isn't over until AF shows, I will take extra extra shots, just in case!!

    We are giving out a Willy Wonka mix (nerds, laffy taffy, bottle caps), Tootsie roll mix, and a chocolate mix of reeses, take 9 and kit kat bars.  YUM YUM!  I may have finished candy equivalent to half a bag at this point!

    I remember getting Sugar Daddies and not being able to figure out how to eat them...suck like lollipop? chew?

     Baby dust right back to you all!!! 

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  • Happy Friday ladies! I'm just waiting to O after my first round of clomid so I can drink for real! DH and I are going to carve pumpkins tonight and hang at home. For candy, we are handing out butterfingers, kit kats, and 3 musketeers. I need to learn to buy candy we don't like so we eat less of it! I recall getting pop rock which were an adventure to eat!
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  • mmmm rasberry for me.

    I sent twix to day care with my DD.

    I remember getting the unicef coins, and the homemade candy apples from the old lady clear across town.

  • I'll take a triple please!!

     We're giving out m&m's, reese's starburst, kit kat, some other chocolate I can't remember, skittles and mini oreos for the really little ones who aren't quite ready for the candy. 

    I don't really have any memorable candy, but I remember our neighbor never gave out candy.  They gave us pencils every year.  And the neighbor next to them gave pennies.  Thank goodness it was a big neighborhood.  lol

  • I'll take a double with a beer chaser. I'm enjoying myself since my egg retrieval and the ensuing month before the transfer. I am pouting though b/c my RE hasn't called to tell me how many embies survived the biopsy and freeze.

    QOTD: We're giving out twix, dove chocolate and some other stuff - DH won some raffle at work that was a huge spider basket full of candy and we're recycling for our home give away use. 

    My favorite memory is there was one family who lived in the biggest house in our neighborhood who gave out full size snickers bars. We were convinced the were bazillionaires.

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  • I'll drink anything after this week at work...

    I sent DH to the store to go buy candy today so I'm not sure what we are handing out yet. This is our first Halloween in our new home so I am very excited to see all the little ones in the neighborhood in their costumes. I've lived in apartments for years since college so this is my first Halloween giving out candy in a long time!!

    My favorite memory is the old lady on the block next to us who used to make special bags for my sister and I.  I remember it had awesome chocolate chip cookies in it.  I really need to remember what her name was...It is going to drive me crazy now.  She was so nice to us.

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  • Has anyone ever had a chocolate martini?  A friend of mine mentioned one today and I thought I might like to try one in honor of halloween.

    We are handing out:  twix, reece's pnb cups, tootsie pops and m&ms.  I have purposefully not opened the bags yet or I would already be sampling :)

     I am starting Clomid for days 3-7 this evening and hoping that this is my lucky cycle.  My oldest, Caroline, was my third round of clomid, so . . . maybe this time too!  Hope you all have a great halloween :)

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  • JUMBO fertilita plleeeease!!  Feel AF just around the corner :(


    Totally gave out midget tootsie rolls and dum dums this year. We have over 250 trick or treaters, no way could I give out full size candy bars; not to mention, they don't need them!

    I always liked the milk duds in the little box and nerds!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Real beer for me tonight but would love a chaser of Fertilita to juice me up for this month!

    I havent yet bought the candy yet for this year. We don't get a ton of trick'o'treaters though, so it will be something simple.

    Favorite memory is really just about the sheer volume of candy that we received. I remember going back through the loot that we would bring home and being SO PSYCHED! LOL


  • ::::jumps on the bar to dance:::  Virgin Fertilita in hand.  Still trying to lose some weight, so no booze.  Tongue Tied

    I haven't bought the candy yet.  Probably something I won't be happy to eat, and I fully plan to give all of it away since we will see 100 kids come through.  

    I loved Halloween when I was a kid.  I remember the days of Trick or Treat starting at 6, and ending when the last porch light went out.  We would hit the last 3 houses with lights on 6 times until they were out of candy.  Does anyone else remember Trick or Treat not always being on the 31st?  My memory was that if the 31st was on a Sunday, you needed to read the paper or watch the news to find out when TOT would be held.  Usually Saturday or Monday.  Strange how things have changed.   

    How many of you were allowed to go trick or treating without a parent with you?  That does.not.happen these days.

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  • I would like a chocolate martini honor of all the candy..

    We are not giving candy out!!!! ummm b/c I ALWAYS go Trick or Treating with my sister and her kids ( 4 beautiful little girls...6yo, 4yo, 3yo and 1 month old)...Halloween is about being with them. And walking and carrying the little ones, pushing the strollers and laughing and having a good time with the little ones. DH is sitting out this year (he says too painful to see all the kids that aren't ours. I understand but it breaks my heart!)

    If I were giving out candy, I would give out sixlets b.c I LOVE them. I don't even know where to find them. I only ever had them on halloween.

    My favorite memory was going through the candy for the Dots candy. My Dad's one rule was to he got EVERY pack of Dots. It makes me smile. I still think of Dad when I see a pack of Dots at the store! Makes me smile!

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  • Am I too late??  If not, I will take whatever you go, I also feel AF showing up!

    We are not giving out candy this year, for some strange reason there are not many kids in our neighborhood, or their parents take them elsewhere!

    My fave Halloween memory was my Nana made us popcorn balls, YUMMY!!!  We lived in a huge neighborhood growing up and some of the people made the little bags of all kinds of candy and those were my favorite houses to hit.  I must say that Nerds is one of my all time favorite candys!

  • Drinks I am enjoying the bar one day later... I'll take two of whatever ya have : )

     I bought mini bags of whoppers : ) I haven't eaten one. I'm drinking my Halloween candy instead before the injections start. i will be relocating the fire pit to the driveway enjoying a glass of wine with my mom and nana. It's probably going to be 80 here and I'll be sweating : (

    We also have a bunch of other candy. The whoppers replaced the candy I purchased and my DH ate and then he bought more and now we just have a lot of candy.

     Chocolate martinis are delicious : )

     I rememeber getting a resses penut butter 3 pack - king size. Word spread and we hit that house as many times as we could. We too, thought they we bazillionaires!!!

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