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anyone know anything about these schools/daycares??

DH says I have to go back to work next fall so we have begun the search for a preschool/daycare setting for our children.  We are considering Chesterbrook Academy, Lake Manassas Academy, and Gainesville Children's Center....of course these are all in Gainesville.  I would love any insight that you  might have on any of these places.  I definitely want a structured environment focused on academics, more than just a babysitter. 

Re: anyone know anything about these schools/daycares??

  • I live in Loudoun, so I don't have any first hand experience, but a co-worker sends her son to Chesterbrook and she loves it.
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  • We looked at Fair Lakes Children's Center - which is by the same company as the Gainsville one - Fair Lakes doesn't take children until a year old - but we were really impressed and decided to enroll Ben for when he is a year old.  They seemed to have a good academic focus and I like that they do educational events for the parents.

    Good luck in your search!

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