Pregnant after 35

not sure where to ask this

Just wondering how many of you have gone through IUI and then IVF and had a successful IVF? I have done one unsuccessful IUI and trying to figure it all out and if it is worth trying?


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Re: not sure where to ask this

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    Hi Kristin!!

    I have not done an IUI (but that is because I have tubal issues and know it wouldn't work) so went straight to IVF.  I've done three IVF cycles.  The first cycle I transferred one embryo and my daughter is 3 yrs.  The second cycle I had a chemical pregnancy after transferring one embryo again.  My third cycle (just did in October) was successful and I am pregnant again.  My first beta was 222 on 14 days past ovulation.  I will do a repeat beta next week.  But that is a good, strong first beta!!  We transferred two embryos this time.  They definitely work!!

     Hope this helps!!

    Best Wishes.

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    You know my story girlie....I think had it not been for my moldy a$$ eggs the first one would've stuck.  I say go for it.
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    We did 3 cycles of IUI and got pregnant on our first try at IVF. Our drs told us the efficacy of IUI plateaus after 3 tries so financially it made sense to put the eggs in one basket, pardon the pun, and try IVF rather than shelling out 1/3 of the cost each month for something that wasn't working for us.

    For what it's worth: I think what did the trick was not only the actual IVF procedure but finally relaxing about it.  WAY easier said than done.  I say that because they were able to harvest 16 eggs, 8 of which fertilized and 6 of which matured.  We implanted 2, I'm preganant with one little girl and we have 4 LO's in storage for later.  I just have to believe that something other than the science itself was responsible since it was such an uphill climb.  We took a vacation right as the meds were starting and I did acupuncture concurrently - I think both helped tremendously. 

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