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Not bleeding after a D&C

My quick back-story - I started lightly spotting over the weekend and went into the doctor for it on Monday.  The baby only measured 6w2d with no heartbeat I should have been 11.5 weeks.  After finding out my I started bleeding more and by Wednesday it was like a light period, although my ultrasound on Wednesday showed the baby was still there.  I ended up having a D&C yesterday (Thursday)  because I wanted to move on. 

Well after my D&C I stopped bleeding and since then I have only had really really light spotting.  I probably wouldn't even notice it if I wasn't wearing a pad expecting the worst.  Is this someone anyone else has experienced?  Should I expect to start bleeding sometime soon?  Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Missed m/c 10/25/10 @ 11.5 weeks

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Re: Not bleeding after a D&C

  • Two things first:

    1. Your LO is adorable!

    2. I'm SO very sorry for your loss.

    With my D&C, on Oct. 8, I had very light spotting afterwards too. It only last about 4 days. Everyone is different though. Some do have very heavy bleeding, while others, like us, just have spotting. 

  • Thanks,  my doc also warned me about bleeding heavily, which made me assume that i would bleed.  I'm glad to hear that spotting is normal.
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    Missed m/c 10/25/10 @ 11.5 weeks

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  • I had my D&C yesterday and had the teeniest, tiniest amt of spotting (with none so far today).  I expected worse also but am pleasantly surprised at how well it went.
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  • I had my D&C on Monday night, for 3 days I had almost nothing, no spotting really even...but today...period type bleeding, so be prepared!
  • I'm so sorry for your loss, I was 12w1d when I found out the same thing. This happened to me last time, and I went in for a D&C. I bleed a lot afterwards at the hospital, but then I just spotted lightly and then I had nothing for 8 weeks. You might just spot for another week, You may not bleed much more than that. I'm sorry for your loss, and best of luck.

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  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I didn't have any bleeding after my D&C at all so you may not either.  Or it can take a little while for it to start, like up to 10 days.
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