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So angry

I posted an intro yesterday about finding out that I do not have a viable pregnancy. I am just so angry. I lost my mom to breast cancer in March and we just recently found out my grandpa has cancer and they have given him "months" to live. This baby was actually bringing my entire family joy and now I had to tell them all that I lost the baby. I feel like I have let everyone down. I know it is not my fault. I completely trust that God has a plan for all of this but right now I just am so mad and don't understand why I have had so much sorrow in my life this year and now I have to deal with losing this baby.

Thank you for lettting me get that out. We haven't told anyone besides close family so it just feels good to express my feelings to someone besides my family.


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Re: So angry

  • The anger thing is pretty normal.  DH lost his dad last year to a car accident & it's hard to watch all the people who got married at the same time as us have new babies & happy families. It's been a rollercoaster this week-sometimes I am sad-sometimes I am mad.  All I know is that it hurts.
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  • I am so sorry about all of your heartache. This sounds like a very trying year for you and your family. All of your feelings are completely valid though. This roller coaster just sucks to say the least. I hope and pray that your year ends on a high note for you and your family. T&P and (((HUGS)))
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  • I'm so sorry for all of your losses. 

    2007 was that year for me,  I lost my Grandma, Dad, and had to put my dog to sleep. 

    It's perfectly normal for you to feel angry. Be pissed, scream, cry, hit the wall, do whatever it takes.  

    Give yourself time to heal. It does hurt, and will. But eventually, it will get better.  HTH.

  • Julieb1218,

    I also experienced the anger ... i truly believe its part of the grieving process.  For a few days I was angry at the world, at myself, or  at anyone who even looked at me funny.   Just know that the days do get easier and try to take it one day at a time.   This is a great place for support and advice.    T&P with you.

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