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WWYD re: Halloween...

So my brother called to say his family (my SIL and niece) all had LICE- they've spent the last week cleaning house, and doing treatments for the lice, and it's been clear the past few days.  Would YOU still want them to come over for trick-or-treating with YOUR family?  I certainly don't want my 2 boys or DH and I to get lice, but they've said the treatments are done and they've been lice free for days...  wwyd? TIA!

Re: WWYD re: Halloween...

  • Honestly I would let them come trick-or-treating!  If they are lice-free then you will be fine. 
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  • The difficult thing about lice is that even if there is just one nit (aka: lice egg), it can hatch in 1-2 weeks and the whole thing starts all over again.  I would just be nervous about that happening.

    My daughter got lice last year and luckily my husband and I didn't get it, but 7-10 days later we scoured the house again, just in case we had missed any nits and they had hatched.

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  • I'd pp said, they may be clear of any active lice, but there may still be the issue of a stray egg.
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