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Another s/o Birthday presents

But I think this one is good.  Our Learning Express does Birthday Buckets where you can take your child into the store and they can pick out things they like and the store will hold the items in the bucket with the childs name, age, and birthday. Then you can just look through the bucket and pick out a gift, which they'll wrap for free.  I think it's awesome! 

Re: Another s/o Birthday presents

  • That's cool idea, but you still have to tell people that your kid is basically registered at Learning Express. I don't know how you could communicate that without being tacky.
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  • I've never been told the kid was registered there.  I just stop by to buy a present and check to see if the kid has a birthday bucket.  If so, I pick something out of there, if not, I get something off the shelf. 
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