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Everyone wants to see my boobs.

SERIOUSLY!!  I am a teacher and pump at school twice a day.  I've been doing this since mid-August when the school year started.  I'm sitting here pumping now (Pumping and Bumping) and I hear keys in the door of my classroom.  I yell to please not come in and I hear a voice say "Oh I didn't know what your sign meant."  This is the FIFTH time this year someone has walked in or almost walked in.  I sit in my unused classroom and have a sign directly over the keyhole that reads:

Staff and students


Privacy required

It is printed in color and laminated making it look pretty darn official.  I give up.  I think people just want to see my boobs! Stick out tongue

Re: Everyone wants to see my boobs.

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    The partners at my office are scared of door if it is closed.  LOL.  One will finally slide paper under it. 
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    LOL!  The women in my office sometimes knock on the door to mess with me (I'm not the first person to pump in this office), but the men totally steer clear.  It completely freaks them out.
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    I pump and bump at school too!  No one has entered/knocked yet, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.
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