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It finally is getting easier

I have to say Ben's colic was really hard.  But in the past week or so we have noticed such a difference.  Fussing in the evening is down dramatically and sometimes it doesn't even happen at all:)  He has also started smiling more often and rolled over for the first time yesterday!

I also started putting him down for two naps a day (before he cat naped) - I just observe him and when he seems tired I put him in the ergo or take him for a walk to help him fall asleep.  It seems to be really helping his mood and I'm enjoying a break for a bit of free time:)

I know everyone said it would get easier by 6 weeks - but at 8 weeks we really still felt like we were struggling.  Just wanted to say it does get easier - although I know the next hurdle will be teething.  But I feel like since we survived colic, we will be able to make it through that as well.

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  • Yay! Glad to hear it. It really does get so, so much easier. And teething really isn't SO bad (or at least hasn't been for us) - at least it's only a few days at a time instead of weeks on end.
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  • Glad that it's getting better!  I know that when we hit the 12 week mark, things dramatically improved. 

    Teething wasn't nearly as bad as colic was, so take some comfort in that. :)  The worst teething has been for eye teeth and his 2 year molars--and he was much older and able to say specifically what was bothering him.  That helps A LOT.

  • Woo Hoo! Sounds like things are calming down. Those first 6 - 8 weeks were so rough on us, without colic, that I can't even begin to imagine it with colic too. It's just such a shock to the system, no matter how "prepared" you think you are.

    I'll say that there have been things that have been hard still, teething occasionally, sickness, etc...but once we made it through that initial 3 months I felt like we could at least attempt tackling anything!

    And those naps are great! Enjoy them!

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  • Yay Amy! You're an awesome mommy!

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  • That's so good to hear. DD didn't have much colic but she had her fussy times and I know it can be so difficult. Teething was sort of uneventful for us too. I mean, she had some fussy times but it wasn't horrible. She had 16 teeth by her first birthday so they were definitely coming in during that 6 month period. Hope things get easier from here for you. You're doing great.
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  • I am glad you are finally getting some relief! Ben's luck to have such a loving, patient mom.
  • Thanks for the kind words everyone:)
  • Glad to hear you're getting some relief!
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