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Fiance's son said this to me last night

Little background first: I'm pg with my first baby and my fi 2nd, he has a son that is 4. Last night we were all hanging out watching t.v. and he jumped in my lap and goes "I love my new sister and I love you" and gave me the biggest hug...awwww I was almost in tears!!! Sweetest thing I've heard in a long time

Re: Fiance's son said this to me last night

  • Awww. Im in the same boat except my Dh's son is 5 going to be six in a week. He told me last week before he went with his mom. I love you ari and i love my baby sister. Its awsome to hear him say stuff like that. Kids are so sweet sometimes they really make you tear up.
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  • How cute.  My SS- age 9 keeps saying that he can't wait for his sister to arrive. 

  • I think that's really sweet.
  • Aww! My due date is 2 days after SS's 11th Bday (1 day after DH's Bday). We told SS we have a special surprise for him but it won't be here until his Bday. Baby was his 2nd guess and he is so excited now and he keeps saying that his new little brother or sister is the, "Best Birthday Present Ever!" Gotta love those moments!

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