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Cycle buddy? Middle of 2WW

Hi all. I'm in the middle of my 2WW and, like everyone, am going out of my mind. I know I have no right, as this is only our second month of trying...but nonetheless, I'm a ball of nerves. I don't know HOW I am going to do this for months... I had minor cramping yesterday for a few hours - 6 DPO, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up b/c last month I thought I had implantation bleeding and then got AF a few days later.

 Anyway, baby dust to you all! :)

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Re: Cycle buddy? Middle of 2WW

  • I am almost at the end of my 2WW, but I wanted to wish you luck and lots of baby dust this cycle.  I got a BFN today and hope you have better luck than me!  Also some minor cramping and heartburn.
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  • I hope this is your cycle. If not, it does get a bit easier with time. The highs aren't as high and the lows aren't as low. Although I definitely had a good cry last month... so I guess you just learn to roll with the punches.... and stay busy. Good luck!


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  • Thanks so much for responding and good luck to you both!!  Trying to keep myself busy... I have such a newfound respect for women that have been going through this for awhile. I never realized what a rollercoaster it could be - and I'm just starting!


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  • I'm not even sure I ovulated this month.  I never got a + on opk, never got a temp dip, and ewcm/wcm bounced around the whole month.  I scared to test and am assuming that it's the clomid that's making me late.
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