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Phew hormones

I'm feeling kind of rage filled today.  I know it is partly because I have more homework due by Monday than I will ever be able to humanly accomplish and we are way behind in houseork + I feel REALLY tired. but still I think it is all feels really yucky to be this grumpy.

 The current and most convenient object of my "mood" is DH.  He is busy today, which I understand, he is working and then meeting some friends for dinner. Now A.  He has NEVER lied to me or anything like that is nothing but sweet but I am thinking two things, he doesn't want to come home and be around me and 2. he is lying about something.  Rational me knows neither of these things are true.  but that didn't stop me from just sending him a grumpy e-mail...and now I am pissed that he hasn't replied in like 15 minutes.


Wow,  oh one last thing I'm $$%$# about is that I wasn't invited to said dinner even though it is seriously HIS friends AND i have NO desire to go I am still hurt or something....

SO, any tips or tricks on getting out of this crazy place?  Thanks for listening BLECH!

 Just for the record I am not in general paranoid, or psycho and only bitchy on occasion:) 

Re: Phew hormones

  • OMG, this is me today too!  DH is away on business and I'm feeling a little paranoid and a lot grumpy even though I know he wishes that he could be home with me.  I was bitchy on the phone w/ him this morning and now I feel so guilty.  I'm just in an awful mood today, probably because there was a chili cookoff in my office today and it's been making me want to vomit all day while I have to sit at my desk smelling it.  Also I have to work late tonight and DH is going to miss my b-day next week for a business trip. Sad

    Sorry that wasn't helpful.  Sometimes I just need to rant and it's nice to hear that other people are going through the same thing.

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  • I have a lot of friends who got paranoid while pregnant, completely out of the norm. for them. Maybe it has to do with some built in (wayy deep down) sense from our cave(wo)men days? who knows. But you're definitely not alone.

    As far as the rage, being a redhead, and an aries, I have a huge temper regardless of hormones. I like to "fly off the handle" often. And typically I know I'm being irrational. I have to go away by myself with my oldest dog (he's my heart and soul) and spend 5-10 minutes just snuggling with him. Then I'm usually good. So maybe if you try smothering yourself with something you love for 5-10 minutes and think of nothing but how happy that thing makes you will help? I dunno, its just what works for me. So I figured it may work for you too. Good luck!

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