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discipline question

how do you/do you at all discipline by saying no when DC for example swings sippy cup so hard it busts your lip open bc he is mad, or is sitting in your lap and pulls your hair real hard?

 I say and sign "no" firmly, and try to redirect but he got my lip so good today i was trying to avoid blood from dripping on the couch:( He didn't know what he was doing, I think he was trying to tell me he wanted to get down but geez...thats one way to do it....


help? thanks 

Re: discipline question

  • At that age, we did a firm no and then it depended on the act.  If it was wielding the sippy I would take it away from her, if it was hitting I would put her down somewhere safe and walk away for a minute.  Basically I tried not to react beyond the NO so that she didn't get more attention when she did negative things like hitting, pulling hair, throwing objects. 
  • We actually talked to the pedi about this today at DS's one year check up. He's been biting (ugh)...we've been doing just what tracy suggested above...say no firmly, put him down somewhere safe and walk away for 30 - 60 seconds. Pedi said that was great. He also warned that it can take 20 times of doing whatever discipline technique it might be (timeout, etc.) for it to really start to sink in and be effective, so just keep at it...oh, toddlerhood...
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  • thanks ladies...I'll basically stick to what I am doing and begin to walk away for a few seconds....he really hurt my lip today:(
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