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Damn AF!! (vent)

Seriously, if I could figure out a way to beat the crap out of AF I would.  I really thought this would be our month for BFP.  Our timing was as perfect as you can get and yet, today, AF decides it's time to visit.  I am completely devastated.  And, of course, as soon as she shows, I go on Facebook and see the new 38.5 week photo of a friend who's pregnant.  EVERYTIME I get crushed by AF there's an updated photo showing her baby bump.  I am truly happy for them, but it's just too much for me to take today.

I'm thinking it may be margarita night for me tonight.


Re: Damn AF!! (vent)

  • i'm right there with you!!!  we will be cycling together this time.  I got to hear about all the new pregnancies at work yesterday.  sorry about the BFN- I know it's even harder to take when you think the timing was dead on.  I'm thinking November is our month :)
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  • sorry that does suck 
    About me: A pixie in the city, 41, TTC #1 since May 2010, married 18 years. Diagnosed with, surgically removed, endometrioma Aug.2010 Sept 2010 IUI #1=BFN, Oct=cyst/bfn, Nov 2010 IUI #2 = bfn. Had to postpone IUI #3 b/c of a cyst natural=BFN. Skipped IUI #3, decided to go for IVF. Found/removed uterine polyps Jan 2011. IVF cancelled, no follicles. IVF #2: 3 great embies put in on Easter Sunday = BFN. Hoping for another chance at IVF in July. TTC is NOT for wimps.
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  • I'm so sorry! It will be your turn one of these days. Meantime, take care of yourself and enjoy your margarita!

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