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So what are your Halloween plans?

 We're planning to dress LO up as Corduroy. Still trying to decide how best to show off his costume since at this age (17 months) it's not really about the candy. What are you all doing? Are you even taking your young toddlers out?  

Re: So what are your Halloween plans?

  • DS is 13 mos and I made a Bam Bam costume for him.

    We're going to go trick or treating with another family on our street, and that's about it.

    Of course, he'll be wearing his costume tomorrow at day care as well.

  • Costume party at in home DCP's house on Saturday, trick or treating after an early dinner on Sunday.  And confession: most of DD #2's candy will be going to straight into my mouth.  Embarrassed
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  • In years past we just looked up some local festivals to go to dressed up when they were too young to really get the candy part.  I know in Gaithersburg they are having a Halloween Rocks festival at the Kentlands but I don't know about NoVa.  This year we are going TorT'ing with my sister since Maggie knows about the candy and is looking forward to going with her cousin.
  • We live on base (until December!!) so tomorrow after work we will be going to a Halloween party at the Youth Center and then to a few houses trick or treating on Sunday night.  DS is going to be a superhero. 
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  • We're going to a Halloween party in the afternoon on Sunday and will take DD trick or treating in our neighborhood and then let her give out candy at home.  I don't think we will go to more than a handful of houses.  She loves candy so I am sure having it be given to her will be a big hit.  
  • Our hood does an annual Halloween thing (this year on Sun) and probably a little trick-or-treating. Tomorrow his daycare has a Fall Festival and Sat we are going to a Halloween party at a friend's house.
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  • Our neighborhood has a Halloween party and parade that we'll go to on Sunday afternoon and then go to a few houses on Sunday evening for Trick or Treating.  We took DS to a couple houses to Trick or Treat last year and he was 14.5 months old.  He didn't get it, but it was a fun experience because it was more about the neighbors getting to see him.  We came home and put the candy we (DH and I) didn't like in our bowl to pass out and kept the candy he got that we do like.  It will be the same thing again this year, especially since we don't really give him candy.
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