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How in the world do you clean mesh teethers?

DD tried and liked bananas in hers last night but OMGosh how in the world do you clean those???  Yikes?  What do you do?
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Re: How in the world do you clean mesh teethers?

  • I just give it a good rinse in the sink and then throw it in the dishwasher.  I've never had a problem getting it clean that way.
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  • Super hot water and rub it between my fingers for a minute or two, then the silverware basket in the dishwasher. Don't soak it, especially bananas or sweet potatoes.  It turns into primordial ooze. GL
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  • Good to know. We just got and tried one for DD and she seemed to enjoy it a little. Except for the tossing it on the floor when she was done.
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  • no clue. The dishwasher made ours worse.
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