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LC Midwives-anyone?

Hello all!  I wanted to see if anyone has experience with loudoun community midwives (good or bad).  I have an appointment on Friday to sort of interview them.  I just found out I'm expecting #2 and would like to switch in part because I'm interested in a natural hypnobirth experience.  I went to perfectly female with #1 and would like to not only deliver at loudoun since it's closer to my house, but I didn't get great support with natural birth from perfectly female.  Anyway, just thought I would ask!
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Re: LC Midwives-anyone?

  • my bff used them for her first son and she had a great experience, that being said she did not go all natural and delivered at loudoun with an epidural but she loved her experience with the midwives throughout her pregnancy...she is pregnant again and would love to use them but she is having twins so she had to find an OB.


    congrats to you!! 

  • I switched from PF to LCM too. I had DD1 with PF and back then before they had the massive turnover in doctors I felt relatively supported for my natural childbirth. Not amazing or anything, but 50% of the doctors I felt like were on board with what I wanted. Then when they changed so many doctors by the time I was pg with DD2 I made the switch. I didn't like any of the new doctors.

    I switched in my second trimester with DD2 and am SO happy that I did. My whole pregnancy felt more relaxed, probably in part because it was my second, but also because I didn't have as much medical pressure. All of the midwives are nice - very supportive of natural childbirth, BFing, etc. I'm pg with #3 now and am happy to be at LCM again. Also, I liked delivering at Loudoun better than Reston. The rooms at Reston are nicer and bigger, but I felt like BFing and rooming-in with baby and such were much more supported at Loudoun. 

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  • I was with LCM for DD and now for DS.  They are wonderful!  There is one midwife nurse I don't really mesh well with but she's not one of the delivering midwives so I just deal with her when I have to see her.  My DD's birth did end up with a c/s but that's not any fault of theirs.  Margie was wonderful the entire labor, she attended the c/s, and stayed well afterward for support.  They are supporting me on trying for a VBAC this time although their backup doctors set a policy of only allowing an attempt to VBAC up to 40 weeks.  The vastly different type of personal service you get going with midwives as opposed to an OB is why I won't switch to another practice.  I loved my OB back when all I had to go in for was my annuals, but for the pregnancy and birth experience I prefer the midwives approach.
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  • fwiw by bff had margie too:-)
  • Big Smile

    Big Smile

    yay!!!! congratulations!!! so exciting, I'm so happy for you! Your EDD must be right around June then?

    I need to email you for a GTG in Nov. 

  • I've heard only wonderful things about them, and wanted to switch to them myself for this pregnancy, BUT - they only allow/support VBACs if you were with them during your first pregnancy. So they wouldn't have taken me. :(
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  • Thank you everyone!  I go tomorrow for my first appointment--really exciting!

    Sofya--miss you guys!  Let's get together soon!  Email me to discuss :).  We had fun at Elle's party--now we need some one-on-one time!  Aaron is SO adorable!  Great genes between you and Dan!

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