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SOOO sorry it has taken me so long to respond!  AJ is in Ms. Karen's class (the class we drop them off in)--I always forget what animal it is!  He should be moving up  in a month or so I guess.

How do you like Sydney's current class?  How long has she been going to Goddard?  Is your son at Goddard too?  He would probably be in the same class as our neighbor--the little boy is Christopher and I think he is 11 months or something. 

We LOVED Ms. Patricia and Ms. Mariella.  AJ didn't start until 18 months and in their class.  I always felt like they had the kids 'in check'-but in a good way.  When we went up to Ms. Karen's class, it was more chaotic.  I feel like AJ has learned a lot in both classes though.  Overall, sending him to Goddard has been the best decision we could have made.

I just found out we are expecting #2--so early on I don't even have a due date yet (I think I'm almost 5 weeks though).  I'm really not sure if we are going to send the next one to Goddard until he or she gets older.  Frankly, I am not interested in pulling AJ out because we love it, but the newborn class is just too expensive that I can't justify it.  We had a nanny for AJ until 18 months, but that would be expensive too--so we might try to find an in home for a little while.  Decisions, decisions!

Are you going to the parade on Friday?  I work from home so I will be able to stop in--exciting!  See you around!

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