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HI :)

Just wanted to see how everyone's kiddos are doing. And I had a question for those with toddlers and beyond.

How did you get your child to start understanding hello and goodbye and waving to people? Miles still doesn't really get this at 18 months, and I'm wondering if that "normal" or not. Or if there's a way you could recommend that you taught your DC what that means.

Otherwise Miles is doing great. He had an awesome 18-month checkup. He's at the 12 to 15 mo level with gross and fine motor skills, and is at or even BEYOND 18 months with his social development. I was floored.

His thyroid and other blood tests are still coming back clear and his hearing and vision check out great, except for a loose right ear tube.

How is everyone else doing?? 

Nora Judith 7/2/06 Miles Chauncey 4/20/09 born with Trisomy 21 - Down syndrome

Re: DS mommies

  • Hi friend! J does hello and goodbye and has been for a few months now. Don't know how exactly we taught him but it was probably just hand over hand making him wave you know? I can't believe how good Miles is doing??? 12-15 months? Wow! So, he is walking now too? That's awesome!

     What is Jacob doing? He is crawling on his belly but isn't super motivated to crawl long distances. He pulls to kneel but not stand yet. He said his first word this month ("no, no, no" haha! He got it from the 5 little monkeys song - not me saying no all the time!) and just started making the sounds for a monkey and lion. He imitates 15 signs and initiates probably about 6 or 7. His tongue is still out all the time which drives me crazy, but what are you going to do??? He is still on a super low dose of synthroid for his thyroid and we're still dealing with his darn hip too trying to get it stay in the socket (which is why he's so behind with motor stuff). Oh yea, he gets cuter and cuter too everyday if I do say so myself :)

     What else is Miles up to??  I feel like they are little buddies being only a few days apart! Is he feeding himself with a spoon? Does he drink out of an open cup by himself? Jacob is no where near being able to do either of these things and I wonder how he compares to other DS kiddos....

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