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help! i think my supply is dwindling

my son will be 5 months on the 2nd. He has exclusively nursed until the last 3 weeks and a couple times a week he gets a couple of bottles due to me working part time again. its still breast milk, just from a bottle. I feel like my supply is going down and I dont want this. I want to continue to breastfeed as long as i can. any advice how to get my supply back up???



Re: help! i think my supply is dwindling

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    Cluster feed (or at least put LO to the breast and let his suck).  And drink more water.  That's what our pedi told me.  I never had any issues and I cluster feed from about 1 month (ish) to 3.5 months right before bed (5pm, 6:30pm and then 8pm).
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    You can also try taking herbs such as blessed thistle and fenugreek, or More Milk Plus. 
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    Are you pumping while at work?

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    Try the nursing teas - Mother's Milk or Women's Nursing Support.  They have really worked for me.
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