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Christmas presents for toddlers

What's on your list? People are starting to ask and i'm not sure what to say.  Al I know is DS does not need any more Thomas stuff!

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Re: Christmas presents for toddlers

  • I recently discovered Mr Potato Head will entertain my DS for 15+ minutes (a LONG time in our house!).  So I think the Mr will be getting a Mrs, along with some of the additional "parts" packages.

    I think his "big" gift from Santa will be a wagon, and my parents are going to get him the Leap Frog laptop thing.  Other than that, I need some more ideas too. 

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  • How old is he now?  Last year, DS was 20 months at Christmas.  We got him a play kitchen and it was a big hit.  This year, we're getting him a tricycle and lots of arts and crafts supplies.  He is really into crafts right now.

    On the list for others to get him:

    Duplos Toy Story train

    Playdoh toys

    Some sort of matchbox cars track

    This pirate ship (he loved it in the store)

  • MIL is going to get Warner a tricycle--the type that has a push bar on the back and has an adjustable frame so that it can grow with him. And my mom is getting him a giant set of Duplo legos. If other relatives ask, I'm going to tell that that could use a few more wooden puzzles...he loves them and they are good quiet toys :-) The other thing I was thinking of are those big cardboard building blocks that look like bricks. He loves stacking, so I know he'd get a kick out of those and then when he's old he can build a house or a fort :-)

    We're not going to get him anything big at all because he won't know the difference and has plenty of toys already :-)

  • DD currently has a kitchen which she really likes and a variety of ride on/in toys that she loves (particularly the Cozy Coupe)  I will say, DH built her a castle out of boxes that might be one of her all time favorite toys.  We play in it almost every night.  She also loves her rocking horse.  Most of the gifts we are now getting her focus on imaginative play.  For Christmas she will get a baby carriage/high chair/baby seat with doll along with an easel and art supplies.  I also bought her a sit and spin (I loved this as a kid), and a golf sports set from Little Tykes because she really likes to play with balls.  If you don't have one of those swings to hang outside or from the rafters of your basement, I can't recommend it enough.  DD loves it so much and I usually tire of pushing her before she tires of being pushed.  Mega blocks and the wagon are also a big hit - she loves carting them around and building with them.  Puzzles are a fan favorite too.           
  • DS really enjoys playing with one of those tool workbenches every time we go to this person's house for playgroup.  He also likes playing with the matchbox cars at both sets of grandparents homes.
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  • I have been struggling with this because my boys DO NOT NEED ANYTHING!  We have so much stuff as it is.  What I did for C's birthday and I think I will do for Christmas is let the boys look through all the catalogs we get in the mail and then tell people to get them whatever they seem to repeatedly be interested in.

    G really needs a new big boy backpack so that will probably be on our list but seriously - I can't think of a thing!

  • I'm mostly asking for practical stuff for DS. I can't deal with any more toys or stuffed animals. Our playroom is overflowing with STUFF. He's still little enough that he won't really care what's he's opening. So far his list is snow boots, slippers, a wallet (he loves playing with mine so I'm hoping he might play with this instead!) books, Toy Story 3 on DVD and baseball hats. 
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  • We're asking for clothes and a tricycle type ride on thing. He's so little he doesn't know the difference yet. Unfortunately I'm sure he'll get a lot of "stuff" from his grandparents, but what can you do?
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  • We got DD#1 an easel from Ikea last year (she was 3) and lots of art supplies to go with it.  Trikes are a great gift are the leapfrog computers...

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