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Has anyone done an amnio?

My first trimester screen came back with 1/270 risk for Down's. I'll be 35 when I'm due. I will have my second trimesnter screening done in a few weeks. But if the numbers are in that range, I am probably going to do the amnio. Wondering if anyone has done the amnio and can tell me what its like. Did it hurt? how long did it take? Thanks!

Re: Has anyone done an amnio?

  • I did an amnio with DD. I had about the same Down's risk as you from the first trimester screen test. I was scared of the amnio but it was a total non-event for me. It didn't hurt at all and was over in a couple of minutes. I was so relieved after I did it and got the good news back. It helped me and DH relax and look forward to the baby.
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  • SFAUG - may i ask if the number changed with your second trimester screening?
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  • I had amnios on both my pregnancies.  It didn't hurt but I felt pressure for a quick second when they pierced the uterus.  I would say it was pressure more than pain.  I felt it but I didn't cringe - getting the flu shot hurt more.  I had an ultrasound first (to find a good area to insert the needle- where there was a large empty area so he didn't hit the baby). The ultrasound took longer than the amnio!  I think the amnio itself took a minute.  The ultrasound took about 5 minutes.

    I did it because of my age, because I wanted to be aware of any issue I might face, and because in my first pregnancy my Down's numbers came back a little high (I don't remember the number). 

    The risk is low if you go to a good doctor who does them all the time successfully.   

    3 IUI's and 2 IVF's later- Brady arrived. Born at 36 weeks after PUPPS and pre-e/HELLP.
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  • imageLuckiest13:
    SFAUG - may i ask if the number changed with your second trimester screening?

    I didn't do the second trimester screening, I had the amnio after the NT scan/ first trimester screen and it came back negative. :-)

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  • I skipped the scans and went straight to the amnio because I wanted something diagnostic and not statistical. It was really nothing, just a quick pinch. I did spend the next two days in bed to be safe... and I did not look at the needle (no way!). The one recommendation I have is to make sure that the doctor that is doing it does them regularly (you dont' want a resident or someone that is just learning). It was no big deal and I will do the same thing with # 2. Good luck!
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