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EDD list - come in all mamas to be!

So since our sticky post has vanished and we have a slew of new announcements and upcoming births, I thought I'd update the EDD list. This is what I had saved in a Word doc from before. I'm sure it's not 100% correct, but feel free to chime in if you need your info edited or added!


24- eacerna?. Girl!

26 ? AgrippaRidesAgain?. Girl!

26 - ***AWS***?.. Boy!



5 ? ktwilley?. Boy!

20 ? kikdoc?. Girl!

23 ? Artslvr?.Boy!

28- veruca5839?. Girl!



9- mac_249?. Team Green!

20 -  zerf77?.. Girl!

24 ? 7*7*7bride?. Girl!

27 ? lulu8109?. Boy!


4 ? Pixieprincss?.Boy!

7 ? Cyndi&Matt?. Twin Team Green!

14 ? Hey Jellisy ?.Team Green!

17 ? ElissaKelley ?.Team Green!

19     ? lnoll?. Team Green!

24 - Barkers4jmm?. Boy!

27 ? carebear08? Girl!

30- eep9906?. Team Green!



2 - Ladywalton ?.Boy!

8-  mssaint?. Boy!

12 ? secuccaro?. Team Green!

20 ? Hiker Bride07?.Team Green!

23 ? EndeavorsInDomesticArt?. Boy!



Jennalatournicho?. Team Green!

3 ? KC0906?.Boy!

4 ? LindsRog? Team Green!

11-   Mek10976?. Boy!

25 ? Rome Romance06 ?Girl!



8 ? JacquelineR?. Team Green!

25 ? Lion&Hokie?. Team Green!

28 ? mstavish79?.Team Green!



6 ? vtmezzo?.Team Green!

15 ? mlmbwr?. Team Green!

20 ? vtkendra?. Team Green!



14 - Baby4OT? Team Green!

30 ? mm2299? Team Green!





Need due date info:

Kewlie?Team Green!


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Re: EDD list - come in all mamas to be!

  • Thanks for posting this! It still makes me so happy that my name is on that list :-)
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  • Could you add me please? EDD 1/27/11 - Girl!
    After 3 miscarriages, I got my forever baby! Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • Goodness, I want OFF of this list!  Come on little girl, get out!
  • Thanks for posting! 
  • My due date was moved up to 24 January from 1 Feb (although it was probably moved up too much but we'll go with it).  Boy!
  • Please add me -- Dec. 9th  Team Green
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  • Thanks for posting!  Can you update me to a girl!!!!  Thanks! 

    Picky Toddler Recipes
  • Please add me:

    April 8, 2011



  • Please add me :)

    Due date is March 3 and it's a boy!   

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  • I'm due March 12 - another BOY!
  • EDD - mid-June

    I'm  having an u/s in the morning to date the pregnancy. Can't wait! I'll update once I have an EDD (my ticker is based off of Jun 13 so we'll see how close to accurate that is!)

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  • ok, anyone who has replied before this post has been added/fixed! :)
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  • Can you add me.  I am new to this board.  EDD 5/15 don't know boy/girl yet.
  • May 6th, gender unknown as of yet!
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  • Hi! You have me as having a girl already and my EDD is March 25th! Thanks!
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  • June 30
  • I caved and am no longer team green! The pictures were so cute, that I begged my husband to tell me after our appointment!! We are team blue! And I am currently measuring ahead, so instead of March 7th, now February 23rd.


    (formerly JLNichols) 

    Doula, mama and student prego with number 2. Yay! www.endeavorsin.com
  • Hi!  Will you please add me?  EDD is 12/27 and it's a boy.  Thanks!
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  • updated up to here....
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  • Please add me. EDD 3/16, boy
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  • Please add me.  Thanks!

    Kate05 - June 1, 2011 ...Team ?

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