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went to the doctors today

got to hear the hb! it was at 163. my DS was in the 170s at this point.

they said i had protein in my urine, it came out 3+. i'm still not sure what that means. i never had it last time i was pregnant.

they said to come back in 4 weeks. probably not an ultrasound though. gonna have to wait and find out the gender until we can see the baby again.

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Re: went to the doctors today

  • So exciting about the HB!! Nice and Strong!

    I don't know anything about protein, but I hope it turns out okay!!

    Isn't it odd to think that some of us will know the sex of our babies in a month????

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  • i looked it up online. it says it could be the sign of kidney infection (which i've been complaining about) or pre-e. but my blood pressure is fine.

    i cant wait to find out! we're so close. lol

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  • You probably have a kidney infection and the dr probably sent your urine into the lab to do a culture to see what antibiotic will be effective at treating your infection
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