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Well that appointment didn't go as planned...

So I went to see my Dr. today because I've been spotting on and off since I had my exam with her almost two weeks ago.  I knew it was normal at first, but when it persisted over a week I got concerned.  

She listened to me and then said we would try to find the heartbeat with the dopplar.  As soon as she put it in my tummy we heart a few whooshes of a heartbeat, but she quickly lost it, and then couldn't find it again, after trying for about seven minutes.  

Although she assures me that was the babies heartbeat, she still seemed nervous about my spotting and told me to stay home from work for the rest of the week, take it really easy, and to see her again in a week where we'll try again with the dopplar.  

I was really expecting to be told it was nothing and go one with things.  Now I'm a little more nervous, and upset.  I'll stay home wed/thurs for sure, and see what Friday brings.

Send a few T & P my way if you dont mind :) 

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Re: Well that appointment didn't go as planned...

  • You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope you get a lot of rest this week and all goes well when you see your doctor next week.

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  • Thoughts and prayers...and hoping for a u/s!  Goodness!  Does she do u/s in office or can you request one?  Doppler at 10 weeks with spotting..I might seek a second opinion!
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  • It's just a family practise, so I have to get my ultrasounds at the ultrasound clinic.  If it was an emergency, you could go to the hospital, but I think because she is certain that she heart the heartbeat with the dopplar that things are ok for now.  I would like to feel more certain, but I was reassured a bit by those few whooshes.
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  • Thinking of you!  Keep those legs up and stay strong.
  • Can she refer you to get an ultrasound?? I am surprised she didn't if she is worried.
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  • hang in there and rest up.
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  • I had an appointment today too and it took a long time to find the heartbeat.  It was "under" mine, so to speak and so the doctor said perhaps  my placenta is in the front and that's why it was so hard to find.  Perhaps the same for you?

    She also said that at 10 weeks it's 50/50 whether or not you can hear it with the doppler.  I'm further than that, so she thought for sure we'd hear it...which we eventually did.  But you're just over 10 weeks, so maybe that's why she couldn't hear it loud and clear.

    Finally, just want to let you know that I spotted almost continuously from weeks 6 -- 10.  Yep, 4 weeks of spotting.  No idea why and everything is still looking good.  It finally stopped last week.  Two ultrasounds and the heartbeat yesterday is reassuring, although I know how worrisome it is to spot.

    Good luck!  I'll be sending good thoughts your way.


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  • I'm surprised she didn't send you for an ultrasound.  Anyway, I'm very glad you heard the heartbeat.  Take it easy and keep us posted.

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  • Sending T&P to you.  Take it easy this week and keep us updated!
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  • I will by thinking of you but try not to worry too much and take the time off to relax.  Be happy you heard the heartbeat and focus on the positive.
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  • Sending loads of T&Ps your way! I hope you'll get some good rest and have a great appointment next week. ((((hugs))))

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    m/c 6/10 
    missed miscarriage discovered at 11 weeks, natural miscarriage at home one week later 9/13
  • I'm surprised your dr didn't do an ultrasound.  When I had spotting at 6 weeks I had an ultrasound and then when the dr couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler at 12 weeks I had another ultrasound. 

    If your spotting doesn't stop or gets heavier/turns red, I would request an ultrasound.

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  • Thanks ladies for the support. 

    If we can't find/hear the heartbeat on Tues I'll definitely demand an ultrasound.  I was concerned that the heartbeat she heard was mine, but after talking to my sister, who is a nurse, she assures me that my doctor would be able to tell the difference, since LO's is twice as fast.  Plus, I know an ultrasound won't prevent anything from happening, if something bad is.  I'm fine waiting until Tues, knowing that I'm doing all I can to rest and prevent. 

    I'm still upset, but DH and I talked to the prune last night, and demanded that it cooperate on Tues.  I'll take it very easy until then.

    Becky - your story makes me feel much better - thanks so much.  


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