Are they Identic?

So that was a first.  I, like everyone else, get bombarded with questions the minute I walk out of the house. 

I'm in BRU and I had heard this woman shouting "hello, hello?" to a sales associate as I wandered around the food bowl aisle.  So when she started doing it again I didn't assume she was chasing me down the aisle I was walking.  When I finally turned around she said, "Twins?"  I replied "yes."  To which she asked, "Are they identic?"  Ummmmmmm .It took me a second to answer because I had no idea was she was asking!  When I finally realized, I replied, "yes they are identical." 

After that she asked me if they were in 1 sac or 2.  I replied, "2."  To which she replied, "Oh, then they're not identic."

Ok.  Perhaps I shouldn't have bothered to explain how identical/fraternal twins work, and should have instead stressed that they're called "identical."


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Re: Are they Identic?

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