f/u from coming clean

so i went to my appointment today and i had it half right.  i had the same dr as every other recent appointment.

i'm usually very nice to everyone in the office but i didn't care anymore.  i've given up.  i've always been honest about being in pain/any symptoms but i laid it all out and then used every last bit of my theatre degree to make sure he got my point.

long story short, i have a date!  if i don't have them before (and as my cervix is 0% dialated, i think i'm holding them in), i'm having a c/s on monday morning!!!  i'll be 1 day shy of 38 weeks by then.

i feel SO much better.  if nothing else i have an end date!!!!

proof that i make babies. jack, grace, and ben, in no particular order

Re: f/u from coming clean

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